Quickly and easily locate those pesky hidden valves!
Simple 2 wire connection and no batteries required.
Locates only working valves.
Clip to stipped lead is model shown in video.
Not for Hunter or Toro valves.
Wire Locator & valve locator
Wire Locator & Chat-R-Box Bundle
Underground Wire Locator for locating ALL brands of lawn valves and wire breaks.
Reg. $8250
Bundle includes NF816 wire locator and Chat-R-Box.
Save $13.50
For locating non-working or difficult to locate valves, regardless of brand.
The wire locator works for locating working or non-working valves. If your valve does not work or you are trying to locate a wire break then purchase the Wire Locator.

The wire locator transmits a radio signal through the wire and the receiver traces the radio signal.

Get the bundle and save $13.50 which includes Wire Locator and the Chat-R-Box.
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Clip Options
The clip to striped lead works on timers that may have a clip strip and also works on screw terminals.

The double clip model works on timers with screw terminals
Returns are accepted within 14 days.
Returns are accepted within 14 days.
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